Tickets are now on sale for Sense & Sensibility -- There are two ways to buy:

1. ONLINE at WeGotTicketsPlease note there is a 10% transaction fee payable. They will send you a confirmatory email which you can bring with you to act as your ticket(s) on the door. 

TODAY - the online option will be closed down around 2pm, to give us time to finalise the ticket sales figure, and to print off our sale list for use at the theatre tonight. You should still be able to get tickets on the door...

CASH sales, please - the wifi can be a bit sporadic! 

Best to arrive at 7pm, if you do plan to buy on the door tonight.

2. IN PERSON at the Bookstore, 15 Bury St, Abingdon OX14 3QT. 

Click on this logo to access our online sales page.

If on the day of performance, the WeGotTickets access is closed, it'll be because we've had to draw a line before we depart for the theatre. You may still be able to buy tickets on the door (Cash please).


PLEASE NOTE - if you have any queries about re-selling your tickets, or about mislaid confirmatory emails, you will need to contact We Got Tickets. Their FAQ section covers most usual queries.


At the theatre, it'd be best to come armed with good old cash. There is wifi but the broadband may be patchy and we can't guarantee our Zettle terminal can operate.


We will be hoping to sell out to the theatre's capacity. Our Front of House team will do their very best to seat people together -- but please arrive in good time or this may not be possible.


Happily, most of us will by now have been vaccinated, which should help to reduce any risks from socialising.  BUT ...

If you are feeling unwell (even if it's 'only' a common cold), it might be helpful if, while we are still emerging from two years of social caution, you could wear a mask in more crowded areas of the theatre buildings.

The Bookstore, Bury Street, Abingdon.

We'll be aiming to sell to the theatre's capacity.

Payments in cash, please, at the theatre.

The internet can be variable so we can't rely on electronic card readers.

The Unicorn Theatre is part of Abingdon Abbey Buildings - a scheduled ancient monument. There are lots of steps and awkward changes of level throughout the building. There is, effectively, no wheelchair access and the buildings do pose major challenges for anyone with mobility issues.

We have sold this show to the theatre's capacity. Our Front of House team will do their very best to seat people together -- but please arrive in good time or this may not be possible.


Although normality is returning, we are still taking care to ensure that Covid does not disrupt our production. We'd be grateful if our audiences could also help us all to stay safe and well....

HOW CAN YOU HELP? The Unicorn is quite an intimate setting so, for everyone's well-being, it would be good if our audiences are fully vaccinated. If you do show cold/flu/covid symptoms (runny nose, temperature, etc.), but you still feel well enough to attend, it would be good if you could consider wearing a mask in the congested areas, and to ensure you sanitise your hands regularly (especially after touching your face and before touching any shared surfaces such as guard rails).