The online box office will open at 09:00 on 14 September 2021. You will then be able to -

BUY ONLINE at WeGotTicketsPlease note there is a 10% transaction fee payable. They will send you a confirmatory email which you can bring with you to act as your ticket(s) on the door. 

If you would like to pay online, click HERE - or on the logo opposite this text.

NOTE - the online box office closes at 12 noon on the performance date. 

(This is so we can print out the final paperwork before our people have left for the theatre)

Please note - on the performance dates, emails may not be picked up from three hours before the performance time (our box office people will then be at the theatre - limited internet access!)

Click on this logo to access our online sales page.

The Unicorn Theatre is part of Abingdon Abbey Buildings - a scheduled ancient monument. There are lots of steps and awkward changes of level throughout the building. There is, effectively, no wheelchair access and the buildings do pose major challenges for anyone with mobility issues.


If we do get the green light for using the theatre...

PAYING. The only thing we will have for sale is the production programme. These will be £1 each. To limit unnecessary contact, the programmes will be in a sanitised box, with a box alongside to accept audience £1 coins. We can only take payment in cash so please do bring a long the right change if you do plan to buy a programme.

SOCIAL DISTANCING. We will have a range of measures in place to ensure everyone can maintain social distancing without too many problems. We'll post more information on that here, a little nearer the show.

SEATING.  We expect to remove at least 50% of the usual audience seating, to facilitate distancing. The Unicorn Theatre does not have numbered seats. All seats are sold as unreserved seating. Our front of house team will do their very best to seat people together but please ensure you arrive in good time, or this may not be possible.

We've put together HERE our draft thoughts on how the theatre might work with live audiences.