Our new show is a collection of five brief comedy pieces by the Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov.

Tickets are now on sale. Details HERE.

There are five plays in this collection:

The Proposal

An incurably hypochondriac young man attempts to propose to his neighbour. Will he succeed, or will his palpitations, headache, and tendency to argue about trivia get in the way?

The Celebration
A bank manager has to deal with her grumpy old secretary, her tedious husband, and a woman demanding compensation for something entirely unconnected with the bank, while also trying to prepare to mark the bank’s fiftieth anniversary.

An Unwilling Martyr
A much put-upon man rants to his friend about how put-upon he is, before he finally snaps … as a result of being so put-upon!

The Wedding
The bridegroom is only in it for the dowry, the bride’s mother is a social climber, the bride’s father is very drunk, the guests are either pretentious or would rather be somewhere else, and the best man is failing to keep everything under control.

The Bear
A man who is angry because he is owed money tries to collect a debt from a woman who is angry because he is disturbing her life of mourning for her long-dead (and thoroughly undeserving) husband. Can they stop being angry long enough to notice their mutual attraction?

Rehearsals for the Chekhov are well under way of course, so opportunities to be actively involved are more limited. But we do have plans beyond the March show. There are some brief details HERE.


Disabled Access. Please do note the Theatre is part of Abingdon's medieval Abbey Buildings - a scheduled ancient monument. There are lots of steps and awkward changes of level throughout the building. There is, effectively, no wheelchair access and the buildings do pose major challenges for anyone with mobility issues.