The King of Navarre and his three companions - Berowne, Dumaine and Longaville - commit to a life of study and self-improvement for three years. This means putting aside all thoughts of women and love. To help them keep their oath, the King demands that all women must remain at least a mile from the court.
Just as the King and his men have committed (by contract!) to this life of study, the Princess of France and her three ladies-in-waiting arrive. It isn't long before the King and his men find themselves falling for the charms of the ladies . . .

Much whimsical fun ensues.


When we began rehearsing on 27 July 2020 we originally planned to stage the play in that November.

We rehearsed at first online, then occasionally masked face-to-face. We constantly adjusted our schedule to accommodate changes to government policy and we put together risk assessments and detailed plans for us and the audience to be able to use the Unicorn safely.

Despite that, November had to be cancelled, as did March and then April. At this point we also knew that two of our principle cast were going to have to drop out of the show – and those departure dates meant we knew staging the show would be impossible.

We decided to capture what we could on video so we could at least have some record of what everyone had achieved.

It was never planned to be a ‘movie’. We had limited time, limited equipment, very limited ‘staff’ and even more limited technical expertise at Director-level. Oh – and we had even more limited control over the weather and over third-party noise at locations.

Nevertheless – we did it.


Here are some Dropbox links to each of the 'scenes' we shot. At the foot of this page is a YouTube link to the whole thing, sellotaped together into a single video (about 76 mins).

ACT ONE (with titles). We learn that the King of Navarre and his friends have entered into a rather silly pact to avoid the company of women. We also meet his near neighbour, Don Armado.

ACT TWO. The Princess of France arrives on a state visit. The King insists she’ll have to camp out in a field outside his palace. The boys all fancy the girls.

ACT THREE. Don Armado asks Costard (the King’s gardener) to deliver a love note to Jaquenetta (a dairy maid). Berowne (a friend of the King) also asks Costard to deliver a love note to Rosaline (a friend of the Princess).

ACT FOUR. Costard delivers Don Armado’s letter (wrongly) to Rosaline. He and Jaquenetta then take Berowne’s letter to Nathaniel & Holofernes, who advise it, too, has been wrongly delivered. Separately, the boys pen sonnets to ‘their’ ladies and Costard and Jaquenetta deliver Berowne’s letter back to him.

ACT FIVE (with song #1). The boys’ letters, and gifts, are discussed by the girls. They learn that the King and his pals plan to visit them disguised as Russians. Much confusion ensues. Then a messenger arrives with some sad news.

THE CREDITS (with song #2). Who was who...

BUT - IF YOU'D RATHER HAVE IT ALL AS ONE FILE ... Here is the whole project, stitched together as a single 76 minute video!

Our first read-through -- online, of course!

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