The King of Navarre and his three companions commit to a life of study and self-improvement for three years. This means putting aside all thoughts of women and love. To help them keep their oath, the King demands that all women must remain at least a mile from the court.

Just as the King and his men have committed (by contract!) to this life of study, the Princess of France and her three ladies-in-waiting arrive. It isn't long before the King and his men find themselves falling for the charms of the ladies . . .

And then there‚Äôs a flamboyant Spanish noble, a verbose, thesaurus-like schoolteacher, a comic vicar and a dull constable called .. Dull.
Much whimsical fun ensues.


We are all still constrained by the government advice to avoid gatherings. But we still need to plan for a future and for a return to normality. For the time being, we will use Zoom to rehearse LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST with a view to staging it in the next slot (November) we have booked at the Unicorn Theatre Abingdon. The casting read-throughs will be held on Zoom on 16 and 20 July. If you're interested in being involved, do drop us an EMAIL.


We won't be putting tickets on sale until we are more certain of the dates. When we do, we think they are likely only to be available for online purchase.

Interested in joining the STC

New members are always welcome, on and off stage, and every show needs people happy to help out with all the vital backstage and front of house stuff that makes a show work for our audiences. You're welcome to pop along any Monday or Thursday to Blackbird Leys Community Centre. But see below --


We're currently unable to meet face to face, but we do still have regular Zoom calls to stay in touch. If you do want to know what's happening - please do EMAIL US.