The King of Navarre and his three companions commit to a life of study and self-improvement for three years. This means putting aside all thoughts of women and love. To help them keep their oath, the King demands that all women must remain at least a mile from the court.
Just as the King and his men have committed (by contract!) to this life of study, the Princess of France and her three ladies-in-waiting arrive. It isn't long before the King and his men find themselves falling for the charms of the ladies . . .
The cast includes an eccentrically flamboyant Spanish noble, a verbose, thesaurus-like schoolteacher, a comical vicar and a dull constable called .. Dull.
Much whimsical fun ensues.

ON FILM. We are not now going to be able to stage this show before a live audience - but we are starting to capture bits of it on film so you can see what our marvellous cast has been up to.