This is a  collection of five short comedies that showcase the lighter side of Russian playwright Anton Chekhov.

Chekhov is primarily known for writing the four great tragi-comedies – The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard – on which his reputation as a dramatist is based. Before the death of his brother and his own failing health caused a melancholy turn in his writing, however, Chekhov’s output consisted almost entirely of comedic short stories. These were interspersed with the occasional one-act play (or vaudeville), usually performed as a curtain-raiser for longer pieces. These short comedies, which often stray into outright farce, feature a series of over-excitable, self-absorbed characters struggling to deal with important life events – proposals, weddings, deaths, debts, families, and work.There are five short plays in this collection.