What else are we planning for 2024?

2024 looks as though it may be the last full year that the medieval Unicorn Theatre will be open for at least two years. From mid-2025, the Trustees are planning a major refurbishment of all the Abbey Buildings.

Beyond The Magistrate, we have two more production dates booked in for 2024:

The Alchemist (Ben Jonson) - 19 to 22 June

Casting Read - Monday 25 March (19:30)

Terry Pratchett's Witches Abroad (ad. Stephen Briggs) - 13 to 16 November

Casting Read - to be confirmed

The casting reads will be at the Bullingdon Community Centre

If you're interested in being involved, drop us an email HERE.

Draft poster ideas for The Alchemist and Witches Abroad: